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Germany vs Argentina
Views: 2483
Germany vs Argentina full match
Brazil vs Netherlands
Views: 2251
Brazil vs Netherlands full match
Netherlands vs Argentina
Views: 2174
Netherlands vs Argentina full match
Brazil vs Germany
Views: 3025
Brazil vs Germany full match
Netherlands vs Costa Rica
Views: 4398
Netherlands vs Costa Rica full match
Argentina vs Belgium
Views: 1826
Argentina vs Belgium full match
Brazil vs Colombia
Views: 4588
Brazil vs Colombia full match
France vs Germany
Views: 1771
France vs Germany full match
Belgium vs USA
Views: 1886
Belgium vs USA full match
Argentina vs Switzerland
Views: 2630
Argentina vs Switzerland full match
Germany vs Algeria
Views: 2135
Germany vs Algeria full match
France vs Nigeria
Views: 1622
France vs Nigeria full match
Costa Rica vs Greece
Views: 6610
Costa Rica vs Greece full match
Netherlands vs Mexico
Views: 3871
Netherlands vs Mexico full match
Colombia vs Uruguay
Views: 4678
Colombia vs Uruguay full match
Brazil vs Chile
Views: 4613
Brazil vs Chile full match
USA vs Germany
Views: 1655
USA vs Germany full match
Portugal vs Ghana
Views: 1255
Portugal vs Ghana full match
Honduras vs Switzerland
Views: 1179
Honduras vs Switzerland full match
Ecuador vs France
Views: 1935
Ecuador vs France full match
Nigeria vs Argentina
Views: 1725
Nigeria vs Argentina full match
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iran
Views: 2304
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Iran full match
Japan vs Colombia
Views: 2783
Japan vs Colombia full match
Greece vs Ivory Coast
Views: 1269
Greece vs Ivory Coast full match
Italy vs Uruguay
Views: 1455
Italy vs Uruguay full match
Costa Rica vs England
Views: 3593
Costa Rica vs England full match
Croatia vs Mexico
Views: 1657
Croatia vs Mexico full match
Cameroon vs Brazil
Views: 1424
Cameroon vs Brazil full match
Australia vs Spain
Views: 1501
Australia vs Spain full match
Netherlands vs Chile
Views: 1299
Netherlands vs Chile full match
USA vs Portugal
Views: 1149
USA vs Portugal full match
South Korea vs Algeria
Views: 1517
South Korea vs Algeria full match
Belgium vs Russia
Views: 1052
Belgium vs Russia full match
Nigeria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
Views: 827
Nigeria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina full match
Germany vs Ghana
Views: 1402
Germany vs Ghana full match
Argentina vs Iran
Views: 1114
Argentina vs Iran full match
Honduras vs Ecuador
Views: 1671
Honduras vs Ecuador full match
Switzerland vs France
Views: 1504
Switzerland vs France full match
Italy vs Costa Rica
Views: 1661
Italy vs Costa Rica full match
Japan vs Greece
Views: 1690
Japan vs Greece full match
Uruguay vs England
Views: 1423
Uruguay vs England full match
Colombia vs Ivory Coast
Views: 2383
Colombia vs Ivory Coast full match
Cameroon vs Croatia
Views: 1010
Cameroon vs Croatia full match